Hi Joanna,

We started visiting Joanna Bravo because my 7 year old daughter had frequent migraine headaches for 6 months as a result of a concussion. During the first visit, using craniosacral therapy, Joanna was able to determine that there was a part of my daugher's skull that was not moving the way it should. After that adjustment my daughter's headaches went away.We were so happy with the results that we bring all of our children to Joanna and we keep referring people to her.

- Stephanie

To Whom it may concern

I have been in poor physical health for twelve long years.  In that time I have been treated by many excellent practitioners from Chiropractors to Acupuncturists to Massage Therapists.  All had their set ways of doing treatment that they thought was best.  None of which completely relieved my pain or allowed me to fully function.  I came to think of these professionals as one trick ponies-great at what they did but never flexing outside their field.  

          Then Joanna Bravo was recommended.  For five years she has allowed me to work and play and have a close to normal life.  The virtue in Joanna’s practice is that she has many types of healing in her bag of tricks.  If one is not right then she moves to another.  It is this flexibility that allows her to analyze my condition in a separate way each time she does a treatment.  The larger skill set lets her adjust treatment to fit my body’s ever changing problems and age.  I know that no matter what the ache or pain, Joanna has a technique to solve the issue.    

- Dalyce Dayton

To Whom it May Concern:

I first started seeing Joanna almost 3 years ago after a rear end MVA.  I sustained a concussion and was misdiagnosed for almost a year.  When I first started seeing her I was in a constant state of migraine every day and every part of my body ached so deeply.  I didn’t realize I couldn’t even look over my shoulder until after my first treatment and suddenly I could turn my neck to see behind me! I have tried 4 physiotherapists, 2 massage therapists, an OT, a kinesiologist and Joanna was the only one to be able to help.  She has an abundance of valuable resources as well that she has shared with me which have also aided in my healing process.  She has connected me with an amazing homeopath and chiropractor.

Joanna has become a pivotal part of my healing process and I believe that she is invaluable.  Her many years of experience in cranial sacral and Bowen therapy have allowed me to regain some normalcy in my life.  I will continue to see her for years to come.

Thank you for your time

- Nicki McStay

When people hear 'massage,' they think of something that feels nice, and the specialized techniques that Joanna uses generally do. The work that she does goes so far beyond that though. She has a deep knowledge of the body and nervous system. The craniosacral therapy she used on my son when he was a child gently released the trauma he'd been carrying as an unrecognized memory in his body and nervous system.

I escaped my abusive husband in the middle of the night when my son was only thirteen weeks old. Hours earlier, my husband had grabbed my arm and thrown me around against the walls and door in our entryway, screaming incoherent words of rage.

Our infant son was in my other arm. It is the single most terrifying memory of my life.

They say babies can't remember what happens to them when they're that young. This is only partly true. My son has no conscious memories of the things that happened. The violence from his first weeks of life affected him though, and the evidence was in his art.

When he drew a person, the left side of the body--the side of his body that was towards his father whenever he attacked us--was always drawn up and guarded. There was always a perfectly reasonable explanation, a foot up on a tree stump, a hand holding a sword or Hobbit-style pipe, but always, that side of the body was in a defensive position.

Good counselling can work wonders, and I'm so thankful to the counsellors who helped me along with Joanna's healing touch. But how does a child counsel his way out of something he has no memory of? How do you counsel your way out of trauma carried in your body? Therapeutic massage, in the hands of a trained, skilled, and compassionate practitioner, is a healing tool that works even when words fall short. 

My son is grown now, and he and his wife are expecting a son of their own. He's a loving and gentle husband, and he'll be a loving and gentle father. At six foot four, he stands as straight and tall and confident as the images he drew became. I will forever be grateful to Joanna for the role she played in helping to heal the trauma he experienced in the early days of his life, so that he could become the man he is today.

Thank you, and God Bless you, Joanna!!!

- Mrs. A. H.